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//The investment environment is superior

 Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan Yibang Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd., established in October of 1994, Lie in domestic and international" Chinese township of mandarin orange"," plastics mould kingdom" seashore city of good reputation with a long standing reputation --Huangyan, Taizhou. Water, land,, empty traffic terms very convenient, economy developed, open and superior investment environment have.



// High starting point, high-quality, specialized
Company insist on criterion of regarding" the high starting point, high-quality, specialization" as, absorb and digest abroad producing the technology fully, Form a whole set of lead at home products research and development ability,and whether it launch extensive technological cooperation and exchange of as scientific research institutions, the universities and colleges not domestic, Support oneself and develop two sets of accurate cam intermittence cutting apart device s intelligently Can control system( namely STD bus the control systems, computer control system) sum One accurate cam intermittence person who cut apart intelligence test system, join and add 27 experts and scholars that will signed authorize the main technical indicator of product quality strictly will it be March 2000 ( graduation precision, precision of testing), reach world the the 1990s advanced horizontal vassal state already Initiate inside, can substitute the import .


//Accurate measurement

The company has advanced machining equipment relying mainly on machining center, numerical control lathe and measure, measuring the physics and chemistry centre, Specialize in the accurate cam intermittence cutting apart device , Automobile motorcycle hydraulic brake, car spend electronic hydraulic pressure jack, Serve as the air pump and wait. Products find a good sale both at home and abroad, enjoy high great fame very.

//Cooperate Create tomorrow

The products are exhibitting and obtain awards both at home and abroad many times : Join " packing and China achievement exhibition of 10 years of world" obtain silver medals; Participate in " Chinese spark count plan" product go the Thailand exhibition; Participate in and" invent and create exhibition and exhibition, new and high technology of Beijing," and win State Science and Technology Commission neck take place scientific and technological progress second prize; Participating in" the international goods fair of small and medium-sized enterprises", the wide trader both at home and abroad favors deeply. With" realize nationality industrial competitive product company, challenge international quality". With" cooperation more, realize two-win" management theory, devoted to and make domestic well-known brand. The company leader calls on the staff and welcomes domestic and international manufacturer's to consult sincerely , Wish and go forward hand in hand with old and new travelling trader , cast brilliant tomorrow altogether!